Six Steps To Become A Certified Labor Doula

Apr 26, 2016 |

So, are you curious about a new professional certification that will give you income, make a difference in the lives of women, children and families AND be heartfelt and meaningful in your life? Then a career as a certified labor doula just may be right for you!

Six Steps to Become a Certified Labor Doula
1. Take the CAPPA Labor Doula training. This 18 hour intensive training dives deep into all areas of supporting women and family members in late pregnancy, labor, birth and early postpartum. You’ll learn about the stages of labor, pain coping and support, hospital procedures and medications, birth options and breastfeeding. You’ll also learn about the work of a doula and how to set up your doula business. Once you take this course you’ve got two years to complete other requirements to become certified. Although, some doulas who accelerate the steps have finished in as little as six months.
My trainings for labor doula and postpartum doula are listed HERE.
You can also find a complete listing of international CAPPA trainings HERE.

2. Become a member of CAPPA and enroll in CAPPA Academy, our state of the art, interactive online certification program. Now you’ve joined the movement! CAPPA members all over the world are working to improve birth experiences for women, get more recognition for the value of doula work and become an integrated part of the professional team supporting women and families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I love being part of this global mission and it helps me feel connected and committed to my work every day. CAPPA offers certification programs for childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, postpartum doulas and pregnancy fitness educators. As a member of CAPPA seeking certification, you will agree to the Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy, Grievance Policy, Mission Statement, CAPPA Approach/ Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement, and Scope of Practice. CAPPA policies and procedures HERE.

3. Read your new CAPPA Labor Doula manual that you receive at the training. And read from the required reading list to discover more information, stories and support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. These books have been carefully selected so that you can get a variety of important information and familiarize yourself with the leading experts in birth related topics. This will only deepen your commitment to the work!

4. Complete the online/booklet for childbirth education and breastfeeding. You may purchase the online booklet in the CAPPA store. If you already have a current certification from a respected organization, you may present your certificate in lieu of this requirement. Ask CAPPA office for more details.

5. Attend a minimum of three births as a student doula. You’ll be required to obtain evaluations from parents and healthcare providers. Details/forms are provided within CAPPA Academy.

6. And lastly, pass the multiple choice exam and essays in CAPPA Academy. An 85% passing grade is required and your certificate is mailed to you!!

BONUS!! The yearly CAPPA Conference. Every year CAPPA puts on a conference of world class speakers and activities to give information about the latest news and research in birth related fields; pregnancy, breastfeeding, business, birth and postpartum. AND you get to spend a weekend with your CAPPA sisters. The conference is in a different location every year and FREE to CAPPA members! I look forward to attending every year for my professional development and also to meet and reconnect with other women from around the world who share the vision of improving birth with me. Find out about the next CAPPA Conference HERE.

Are you ready to begin the amazing journey to become a certified labor doula? Email me! and let me help you get started. You’ll be SO GLAD you did.

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