CAPPA Doula Trainings

Do you want a rewarding profession working with women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum?

A Doula:

  • is a trained professional for pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum
  • provides education about the process of pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn
  • is trained in natural pain coping, massage, breath and positioning for normal progression in labor
  • is a non-medical support for a pregnant woman and her partner during labor
  • acknowledges the physical and emotional aspects of birth

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“The history of birth in the US has taken women from their homes and from the care of midwives and female support into isolation. In hospitals there is a rising rate of medical procedures and interventions that prevent women from learning how powerful they really are. Doulas help women reclaim the strength and beauty that birth has to offer.” Abby Bordner, CAPPA Labor Doula Faculty

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CAPPA certifies birth professionals all over the world. Come join the satisfying work of assisting women through one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.

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